Flying Gardens

Unique villas with spectacular see views in Cape Verde.

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Be owner of the first upscale hotel - return on investment up to 55% over a 10 years period.

Real Estate Details:

  • The structure will completely be built with Natural Stone and Wood.
  • All the complex will recycle the water, use solar panel to produce energy and solar water tank for hot water;
  • Each building will have its own 60 m3 tank to catch and store rain water;
  • Private Jacuzzis, a swimming pool, one bar-restaurant, one fitness, one boutique, a laundry, and a conference polyvalent Hall will make the place more comfortable and add value for the real estate;
  • Sale on plan, with payment by installments in connection with the conclusion of the phases of constructions.

Hotel Management:

  • The Republic of Cape Verde offers some exemptions of taxes, as well as advantages for the investment, within the activities of tourism and hotel development. These incentives are granted for a period of 10 years;
  • Based on this principle, and added to the fact that the need of receptive capacity of quality on the island of São Nicolau is real, this project offers the access to the property and the entry in the share capital of the hotel management company, in a destination in becoming;
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